How a Cosmetic Dentist Repairs Misshaped Teeth

A cosmetic dentist has many treatment alternatives to get a misshaped or chipped tooth, which readily distracts from an otherwise ideal grin. Veneers, bonding, and implants all work to satisfactorily repair this issue. If you want to hire the affordable dental implants Brooklyn in NY then park dental care is best option for you.

How a Cosmetic Dentist Repairs Misshaped Teeth

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But not all 3 work in each case. Your dentist will take many factors into consideration prior to making a recommendation to make certain you receive the long-lasting results that you want.


Veneers slide over a busted tooth to conceal its imperfections and try to shield it from further harm. The cosmetic dentist will create a mold of the tooth. This mold goes to a specific lab where technicians utilize ceramic to form the desired veneers. 


With bonding, the cosmetic dentist does not need to earn a mold or send away anything to a lab. Rather, the dentist utilizes a composite resin to produce the form right from the individual's mouth. The top layer of the enamel is roughened.


A crown made from several materials such as metals, ceramic, or ceramic has the extra benefit of being among the most powerful choices. But a cosmetic dentist generally just uses this therapy on a tooth which has sustained substantial damage because it requires filing the tooth.

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